Friday, April 11, 2014

Should I Send LinkedIn Invitations To Recruiters?

Recruiters need candidates and you need a new job. It's an automatic match made in heaven, right? Not so fast. Just like every dating partner is not right for you, not every recruiter will be able to help. In this article, I'll give you quick tips to get attention from the right recruiters for you.

Which Recruiters?

Engaging with a recruiter who doesn't serve your field is like making an appointment with a respiratory therapist when you need a chiropractor. That's kind of a ridiculous example, I know, but here's how it applies to a job search. Every recruiter has a specific focus or area in which they work. Examples of specialization by job function are IT, engineering, and HR. Some recruiters focus on a particular industry such as mining, construction, or finance. Another consideration is geography. You'll want to know that your target recruiter handles the location in which you want to be employed. If you're looking at international relocation, be sure to choose a firm with experience in immigration and international placements.

Invitations That Get Noticed

Sample Introductory Messages

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