Tuesday, April 1, 2014

8 Steps To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

There are over 250 million people on LinkedIn. That means there's a ton of competition. Don't get discouraged and don't worry, because I'm super competitive. Ask my husband. These steps will help you break through the clutter and showcase yourself in the best light possible.

Now, if you're lazy, you might as well stop reading here. Because, like anything I teach, you are going to have to give to get. Yes, it will require some work and consistent activity on your part. But hey, that's true for most things in life where you want to see good results.

So buckle up, because these steps will help you stand out on LinkedIn and take you directly to the land of LinkedIn success.

3. Add Visuals To Showcase Your Work

4. Share Content To Groups

7. Comment And Add Value

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