Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 ways to communicate with your LinkedIn connections

Bob McIntosh

Having a strong LinkedIn profile is essential to being found by other LinkedIn members and employers, but you’re job isn’t complete unless you’re communicating with your connections and the LinkedIn community as a whole.

I tell my LinkedIn workshop attendees that I spend approximately an hour a day (it’s probably more) on LinkedIn. Their faces register surprise; and I’m sure some of them are thinking, “Does this person have a life.”

Part of the workshop is about explaining the need to communicate with their connections, because networking is about communicating. Other than sending direct messages to your connections, here are 10 ways to connect with your LinkedIn connections.

1. The number one way to communicate is posting Updates.

2. Another way to communicate with your connections is to “Like” their updates.

5. Let us not forget our groups which give us another, significant way to communicate with our connections.

Read more on each of these 3, all 10 ways, and the complete article

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