Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top 10 Tips To Craft A LinkedIn Email Engagement Strategy

Posted by Curt Keller

LinkedIn may just be the B2B email marketer’s dream come true. Here are millions of businesspeople, all of whom are highly motivated to expand their company’s horizons through online networking, and therefore completely open to your products and services.
LinkedIn participants love to share email addresses and get on subscription lists that match their interest, so this social network represents a permission-based list building opportunity unlike any other.
Pumping up your list to gargantuan status is not as simple as just showing up on LinkedIn, as there are various aspects to participation that best relay your brand identity and trustworthiness that are worth adhering to.
Here are the top ten tips which will help you craft the LinkedIn engagement strategy that will drive valuable contacts and customers to your email newsletter marketing campaign subscription list:
  • Be a person – LinkedIn participants are interested in forging connections with other individuals, not corporate entities. When you set up your user profile make sure that you cover the personal details of your life, such as education, skills, and experience.
  • Have a face – If you don’t have a really good photo of yourself, spend a few dollars and have a pro photographer take a portrait. Never post blurry or amateur photos or worse yet, ones with other people cut out of them.
  • Say what you do – At any given moment there are thousands of searches being conducted on LinkedIn, but if your company does not have properly optimized internal SEO, the searchers entering the common sense keywords they’re looking for will never find you.
  • Get a custom URL – All you have to do is to click Edit next to your public profile settings and URL. Now you’ll have a wonderful It’s amazing how few LinkedIn participants bother to take this simple but important step.
  • Craft a brief company overview – Only the first eight lines of your Company Overview description are visible and the rest are truncated, so write concisely and powerfully in the small space that is available to quickly engage your prospect.

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