Friday, May 11, 2012

Make an Impact with Your LinkedIn Headline

Do you know you can customize your LinkedIn headline? By default, LinkedIn will use your current job title. But you can make it so much more! If you’d like to watch a quick video on changing your LinkedIn headline, Laura Roeder has a tutorial How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile Headline.
Here are some good examples of headlines that are unique and show value. They are conservative, yet still have impact!
If you are wondering where I found them, I searched a group I belong to on LinkedIn. Yes, you can search groups you belong to by key word, company, etc without needing a paid subscription to LinkedIn.

Headlines with Impact

And without further delay, here are the eye catching, make me want to learn more headlines:

You know who does an amazing job of critiquing headlines? Jason Alba. For a while, he was critiquing LinkedIn headlines on his site for free. He is no longer doing that, BUT, if you read through some of his critiques, you can read his logic and this might help you with your questions! You’ve got to love the title of his post: “LinkedIn Professional Headline: yours probably sucks.”

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