Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search Without Tipping Off Your Current Employer

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Many professionals overlook LinkedIn as a career development and business networking tool, only using the site when they need a job. This presents a challenge when you ultimately do need a network for your job search. Rather than being able to tap a very well-established network, you have to ramp up quickly.
Networking is a key trait of successful professionals. But many think that networking is only for sales people. Networking is crucial to any professional’s personal and career growth. We’re not talking about comparing the number of your “Connections,” but true networking where you have established connections and a relationship with other people.
Does Your Employer Know You’re Looking for a Job
As with the story about the 
gentleman who left his job after a disagreement over uploading his resume to LinkedIn, many job seekers are concerned that creating or updating their LinkedIn profile -- or any social media profile -- may get them in hot water.
But having an active LinkedIn profile is going to allow you to develop a network that moves with you throughout your career, not just for the times you are looking for your next job.
In Kelly Dingee’s article about using LinkedIn but not tipping off your boss to your job search,
 So You Want to Use LinkedIn, she recommends:
1) Turn off your Activity Broadcasts
2) Don’t say you are open for connection for “Career Opportunities”
3) Don’t be too detail oriented
4) Don’t have a public profile
Activity Broadcasts share two things: any changes you make to your LinkedIn profile or who you connect with on LinkedIn. You can share your Activity Broadcasts with just your network, your connections (meaning your 2nd and 3rd degree connections) or everyone. For tips and where to look for your LinkedIn settings, check out this presentation on the 
ClearedJobs.Net Slideshare channel.

Stay Passive in Your Job Search But Active in Your Networking - More Tips and Complete Article

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