Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Avoid Misusing LinkedIn - 5 Tips


 “Many recruiters and hiring managers are now using LinkedIn as their No. 1 method of sourcing talent, so job seekers who have a presence on the site are far more likely to be noticed (and contacted) by HR professionals,” Ducci says.

Using LinkedIn wrong can be equally risky to your career. Social media expert Carlota Zimmerman says writing things like “Looking for my next opportunity” is an immediate red flag to most employers that you are a “train wreck waiting to happen.”

Here are five tips from Goodfellow, Ducci and Zimmerman about how to use LinkedIn to help your career, not hurt it:

1) Use keywords. 

2) Link widely.

3) Help people to “get you.” 

Read more about all 5 tips and the complete US News article

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