Tuesday, January 28, 2014

6 LinkedIn Strategies to Prepare for Events, Meetings and Conferences


I was talking to a prospective (and somewhat curmudgeonly) client the other day.  He was huffing about this “Damn social media stuff” and how real business was still done the old fashioned way.  Through referrals and face to face.  I’m sure he expected me to huff into denial and/or hang up on him.  But after a moment when I knew I had his attention, I said, “I agree!” More silence.  I continued, “Referrals and face-to-face meetings will always be the best way to land business.  And LinkedIn can help you meet more people and get more referrals.”  After another moment of silence, he answered, “I’m listening.”  So while I love social media and LinkedIn, I agree with Mr. Curmudgeon. Nothing really beats a face-to-face meeting for building camaraderie and developing business relationships.  One of the best ways I know to get those meetings (and referrals) is to combine LinkedIn and networking – with a few strategies I have developed (and will share with you.)

Here are 6 LinkedIn Strategies you can implement right away to prepare for the next business or networking event you will attend (Like the Social Media Marketing World in San Diego!)

  1. Discover who in your network lives where you are going
  2. Join the Association’s LinkedIn Group
  3. Get strategic introductions
  4. Keep track of your contacts and relationships prior to and after the event
  5. Track down other participants with Hereon.Biz
  6. Manage those pesky business cards

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