Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Things You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn (Even if You’re Not Job Searching) - LinkedInAdvice


It happened again (actually, it’s been happening a lot lately): I got an email from someone a solid three weeks after I’d reached out to her on LinkedIn. The story is always the same: “Oh, you should really use my office email. Ever since I got a job, I stopped checking my LinkedIn profile.”
Say what?

Unfortunately, it seems that many professionals have forgotten the number one rule of networking—and for that matter, one of the most important guidelines for your entire career: The best time to build a network is before you need one.

You see, the stronger your career support system, the more prepared you’ll be to transition when the right opportunity comes along—and you’ll be ready to roll if you receive unfortunate news (like layoffs or closure) from the organization you’re in.

So, even if you have a job that you don’t see yourself leaving anytime soon, I beg you to make this one commitment to your career in 2014: Stay engaged in networking. And since LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to do that, here are five easy ways to keep that online presence vibrant, vocal, and visible. 

1. Punch Up Your Headline

2. Request One LinkedIn Recommendation a Month

3. Join a LinkedIn Group and Engage

4. Post One News Update on Your Feed Each Week

5. Direct LinkedIn Email to Your Inbox 

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