Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LinkedIn Visual Profiles: 5 Things To Know

Debra Donston-Miller

Think you look all slick and professional in your LinkedIn head shot? It's not enough anymore.
Indeed, it's all about the visuals. Photos are proven click- and like-bait; Facebook has put images front and center on its Web, mobile and Homeeditions; Pinterest is all about images; and now even LinkedIn is getting in on it by adding the ability to dress up profiles with visual content.
"For the first time, you will now have the ability to showcase your unique professional story using rich, visual content on your LinkedIn profile," said LinkedIn's Udi Milo in a blog post. "This means you can illustrate your greatest achievements in the form of stunning images, compelling videos, innovative presentations and more. From the analyst who makes annual predictions on tech trends to the 3-D animator who is looking to fund a new short film, the opportunities are limitless for how professionals can now use the LinkedIn profile to help showcase these unique stories in a visual way."
Here are five things you need to know about the new capabilities.
1. Visuals are more than just photos.
Your profile can be illustrated with not just photos, but also videos, presentations and other types of graphics.
2. It's easy to get started.
To add images to your profile, just click Edit and follow the prompts for the Summary, Experience and Education sections.
3. It's not all about you.
Once you have added visuals to your profile, other LinkedIn members can like or comment on what you've added. Likewise, you can like or comment on what your contacts have posted. This adds a whole new level of collaboration -- and opportunities for connection -- to LinkedIn.

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