Monday, October 8, 2012

6 Secrets For A More Powerful LinkedIn Summary


If you are like most LinkedIn members, your LinkedIn summary isn’t very clear or compelling.
In a recent article, I shared a step-by-step process on how to create a powerful LinkedIn headline. Here are 6 secrets for creating a powerful LinkedIn summary:
1. Start smart. Before you write your LinkedIn summary, you need to be clear on why you are using LinkedIn. Are you seeking a job in a new field? Are you happily employed but simply looking to build up your personal brand? Are you looking to strengthen your professional network? Are you looking to land new customers for your business? Chances are you probably have several goals. However, most LinkedIn users haven’t given much thought to who they are trying to impress or why they are using the site, which is why most LinkedIn summaries are not very clear or compelling. As the late, great Stephen Covey would say, “begin with the end in mind.”
2. Highlight the problems you solve. No matter why you are using LinkedIn, your summary should expand on your headline by telling the reader which problems you solve. In other words, discuss who you help and how you help them.
3. Provide evidence for your credibility. Assume that people reading your profile will be skeptical. Anyone can claim that they are a “visionary” or that they have “superior communication skills.” Highlight 3-5 of your most relevant, impressive achievements as “evidence” for your value.

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