Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Creative Alternatives to LinkedIn to Showcase your CV & Skills


Cutting through the noise of your massive competition for exciting job opportunities is a difficult task. Graduates and jobseekers know that having a LinkedIn profile is now a basic requirement of one’s job-hunt, but the contraints of a LinkedIn profile can be very limiting if you want to really show off your experience, skills and creative flair to stand out from the crowd.
We’re going to assume that as an active and creative jobseeker, you’ve already joined LinkedIn and brought your profile to 100% completeness, you’ve joined Twitter, you’ve filled out your whole education and work history on Facebook and locked everything else private down, you’re on Google Plus, you’ve joined BranchOut and BeKnown on Facebook to network with employers…
After putting yourself all over the internet, how do you really show off what you can do? Well, here are 5 alternatives to LinkedIn to showcase your creativity and perfect fit for the job:
Zerply is a punky little site that lets you create really cool web-based CV’s and portfolios of your work, and let others find you based on your skills. You can import your portfolio of work from a range of sites, like, Flickr, Vimeo and Soundcloud, as well as connect your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account.
To set up your funky profile, just import your LinkedIn profile and choose your theme – stand out from all that white space! By having it as an interactive online CV, recruiters can catch your CV at a glance and then press the “+” buttons beside each role and get more detailed information.
Holly Fawcett on Zerply
ResumUp is a new service that’s taking the world by storm – over 9 million timelines have been created so far and they’re only in operation a year! It takes your education and work history, puts them in a timeline format, and adds other information along the side like your status (open to offers, active jobseeker etc), your salary expectations, what kind of positions you’re looking for, how mobile are you etc.
My only gripe about this is that you can’t simply upload your LinkedIn profile and let it fill everything out for you, so it can take a bit of time – but the end result looks quite cool.
ResumUp Profile Bob Smith
Pinterest Logo Pinterest
Yes, Pinterest can really be used to showcase your visual/creative skills, and it’s a great spot for you to host your work. In fact, one applicant to Pinterest’s own team used her Pinterest profile to really great effect and show off her fit to the team.
Jeanne for Pinterest

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