Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5 Things You Can Do Today For Better LinkedIn Results Tomorrow

It seems everyone wants to know the secret for getting better LinkedIn results without spending tons of time in meaningless conversations.
So, here it is: the biggest impact on your bottom line can be had by consistently engaging in just a few simple activities for 15-20 minutes each day. Logical, focused and purposeful activities can help you get great results in no time.
Here are 5 things you can do today to improve your LinkedIn results tomorrow, if not sooner!
1. Status Updates
Among its many benefits, a well-conceived status update:
• Adds credibility to your profile page
• Blasts (briefly) to your entire network via the Home page
• Broadcasts your industry savvy
• Invites like-minded others to find out more about you
Just because your update doesn’t get much of a response doesn’t mean others aren’t watching, listening and taking note of you. Status updates, when used correctly, are like a big neon arrow pointing at your virtual front door. (And Google Alerts makes it super simple.) Don’t overdo it though! Depending on your industry, one update per day is plenty – or consider LinkedIn’s suggestion: 500+ networks should update about 3 times weekly.
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2. “Share-ability”
I think of shareability as a compound word – “sharing” and “availability”. It’s the difference between saying, “Let me know if I can help!” and providing help without being asked. When you make it easy for others to call you, email you, Skype you…your “shareability score” grows. Think about leaders like Chris Brogan, Lewis Howes, Nick Usborne and Gary Vanyerchuk, whose high shareability scores have had massive impact on their brands. When your LinkedIn network feels comfortable interacting with you, referring you, promoting you, you are rewarded with, among other things, unending opportunities to soft-sell in a friendly environment of mutual respect.
3. Upgrade Your Membership
I know, I know. You don’t want to pay for your LinkedIn membership. But for less than $1 per day, real value exists in upgrading to the Business Pro membership. Why? Because of the expanded analytics. Now, you can see precisely how and why your network growing – new intelligence about who is looking at you and which factors tie those visits directly to your headline/profile content. Armed with this information, you can tweak your content to get more of these most-wanted visitors, as well as track the impact of profile changes. Who’s Viewed My Profile becomes a stack of warm leads. Keywords become credibility drivers. InMails can take you anywhere you want to go. InMail left unanswered? You’ll get credit for it the next month. Hey, if after 30 days you don’t see the advantages, revert back to the free account. Simple, right?

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