Friday, April 22, 2011

Top 10 Tips For Building A Strong LinkedIn Profile

Author Jay Markunas

Top ten tips for building a strong profile from LinkedIn:

1.  Don’t cut-and-paste your resume. You wouldn’t hand out your resume before introducing yourself.  Describe your experience and abilities as you would to someone you just met.

2.  Borrow from the best marketers. Use specific adjectives, colorful verbs, active construction (ie..”managed project team” instead of “responsible for project team”).

3.  Write a personal tagline. It’s the first thing people see in your profile.  It follows your name in search hit lists.

4.  Put your elevator pitch to work. The more meaningful your summary is, the more time visitors will spend on your profile.

5.  Point out your skills. The Specialties field is your personal search engine optimizer when Recruiters are looking for candidates.

Tips 6 - 10 + Graphic + Complete Article

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