Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LinkedIn: #1 Place for Job Searchers Online

By Marilyn Maslin @ Resume Footprint

According to the 2010 Global Brainstorming Day LinkedIn is now the #1 online networking platform for active and passive job searchers.  Career coaches, resume writers, and outplacement specialists all agree that if you are looking to impress, be found, and get results online, you need a well-branded LinkedIn profile.

Today’s hiring managers use LinkedIn to source and research candidates.  Devote time to establishing a quality, branded LinkedIn profile that will attract recruiters and job opportunities.  Job searchers, who don’t take time to write a strategic, keyword rich LinkedIn profile, may be overlooked by recruiters.

About LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the largest professional network online, hitting a milestonein May 2011, with over 100 million members in over 200 countries and territories.   About one million new members join LinkedIn every week.  Originally created as a place to build an online resume, today it is primarily used for professional networking. 

Users create profiles promoting their work history or online resumes.  LinkedIn profiles include career history, education, connections and professional recommendations.  Additionally you can join groups for networking purposes.

How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn

Build Your Personal Brand:  Use your LinkedIn profile to manage your professional brand or career footprint.  This self-packaging is all about differentiation you in the job marketplace.  You want to leave an indelible impression on your contacts and the community that is uniquely distinguishable.  

Profile Perfect:  Your LinkedIn profile must match your resume and needs to be complete and flawless.  No spelling or typographical errors.  This is your resume online and it will be critiqued by recruiters, hiring managers and HR staff.

Professional Photo:  Get an updated, professional headshot made and communicate to your prospective employer who you are through your energy, warmth and approachability.  If you don’t have a professional portrait, post a flattering, professional picture of yourself.

Headline:  Your headline will automatically display as the last job you held unless you change it.  Consider making your headline your professional brand, or the job you are targeting.  Brand yourself for the job you want – for your future.

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