Wednesday, May 21, 2014

7 Secrets to Attracting Recruiters to Your Linkedin Profile

If you're not getting inMails or phone calls from recruiters, then you may want to pay attention to this article.

Gone are days when you need to apply for jobs.
Now jobs come to you when you know how to attract recruiters to your Linkedin profile!
Let me share seven secrets to attracting recruiters to your Linkedin profile starting today.

1) Know How Boolean Search Works

Did you know recruiters use boolean search to pull up relevant Linkedin profiles every day?

Let's say a recruiter is looking for a Financial Accountant with CGA designation who has experience in financial reporting.

The following is a boolean search string a recruiter may plug in at the backend of Linkedin to pull up relevant profiles:

("Financial Accountant") AND (CGA) AND ("Financial Reporting")

Now if you're a financial accountant with that background and I run this search on Linkedin right now, will I find you on the 1st page of my search?

If not, then you got some work to do on your Linkedin profile.

Sprinkle these three keywords (Financial Accountant, CGA, and Financial Reporting) in the following sections of your Linkedin profile to see immediate results:
  • Headline right below your name
  • Summary section
  • Job titles and descriptions
  • Education
  • Skills
Action Steps:
  • Review job postings you want to compete for in the near future
  • Pick two to three keywords recruiters will use to pull up relevant Linkedin profiles
  • Sprinkle those keywords throughout your Linkedin profile so you rank high in search.
2) Tell Recruiters Who You Are

Don't waste recruiters time by making them guess who you are.
Use your headline right below your name to communicate who you are.
Make sure to use one or more of your keywords as you introduce yourself.

This is where you make your first impression.
So make it count!

3) Wow Recruiters With Your Summary - Read more about #3, 4-7, and the complete article

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