Thursday, May 1, 2014

17 Quick Ways to Master Your LinkedIn Profile

Warren Knight

Following up on The Beginners' Guide to LinkedIn article last year, I wanted to make sure you know about all of the latest updates coming from LinkedIn. There are a lot of great ways to improve your LinkedIn profile. Here are 17 quick ways to master your LinkedIn profile.

1. Be Professional
When it comes to using LinkedIn you need to remember the difference between this being a professional and what other social networks are for. LinkedIn is about connecting professionally not socially.

 2. Use of Keywords
You will need to use the Search function inside of LinkedIn, researching your keywords to make sure you appear on the first page of LinkedIn. If you don’t, you will need to change the wording on your profile.

8. Be Industry Specific
When choosing which sectors you work in, make sure you are specific. You want to be found by the right people and choosing your industry is important when considering this.

16. Don’t Forget Your Past
You will need to include all of your previous work experience, and not just your current workplace on LinkedIn to build a CV type profile. 

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