Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9 Pro Tips for Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than a handy way to sort through connections and make introductions — it's also a powerful platform to supercharge your content marketing efforts (even if you're not a LinkedIn Influencer just yet).

To find out exactly how other founders are using the network to get more eyeballs on their content, we asked a panel of successful entrepreneurs to share their best tips and tricks. Here's what they had to say:  

1. Join Discussions in LinkedIn Groups
Every time I write an article that is relevant to a specific audience, I start a conversation around the article in a LinkedIn group I'm associated with. I make sure to ask a question or pose a discussion topic with the article and not simply link to an article.
- Kelsey Meyer, Influence & Co.

2. Engage Employees With Email

LinkedIn is a person-to-person network. The key to an effective LinkedIn strategy is engaging your employees to share your content. Want to know how to get your employees to share to LinkedIn? Email them. Most of the working day (and night), they stare at computer screens and smartphones looking at emails that come in. If you can make an email that is simple and has a strong call to action, professionals are likely to share it. Since launching employee engagement programs for companies like PwC and Sun Life Financial, we've seen employees average five to 25 clicks every time they share to LinkedIn, with many popular employees averaging 50 to 180 clicks. Ask your advertising team how much they pay for cost-per-click ads on LinkedIn, and you can count the value (hint: it's $2 per click).
- Alexander Gibson, Elevate

3. Use LinkedIn Product and Service Pages

LinkedIn company pages all have built-in product and services pages that will amplify your business content. Within the pages, you can list details about all of your specific offerings, highlight customer recommendations for the product and add images to make these products really stand out. LinkedIn has also built in the number of impressions these products and services pages receive, so you can see how many people are researching your company and what your most popular services are.
- Brett Farmiloe, Digital Marketing Agency

4. Promote Your Brand With Groups

Dr. Seuss reminded us, "There is no one alive who is you-er than you." LinkedIn helps you promote the you-er in you! One way we self-promote is by joining groups. By joining them — up to 50 at a time — you can expand your reach while sharing your expertise. For example, there are 746 groups under our target keyword "writer." One group has more than 13,000 members with more than 230 discussions happening. Joining several of these conversations helps strengthen your brand and boost your expertise. It's a great way to network!
- Nicolas Gremion,

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