Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Tips to Drive LinkedIn Connections to Your Profile

Brady Lowe

1. Post Interesting Content
Share industry related articles on a regular basis. When you share content, you’re adding interest to your profile and putting yourself in the news feed where other members can see your activity. The more you’re in the feed, the more chances your connections will notice you.
2. Don’t Connect to Members in Mass
Connect with members 1 at a time and accept invitations 1 at a time. When you make a new connection, the activity appears in the news feed. If you connect with 5 members all at once, the activity is grouped in 1 announcement on the news feed. If you lengthen out connecting with 5 people, you can appear 5 times on the news feed, not just once.
3. Regularly Update your Profile
When you volunteer, update your profile. When you add new responsibilities at work, update your profile. When you update your profile your activity appears in the news feed. When you’re in the feed, people see you.

4. Comment on Updates of Others
If your friend posts an interesting article, comment on it. If a connection gets a promotion, congratulate them in a comment. The more you comment on the activity of others, the more likely they’ll comment on your activity. Also, these actions get you on the news feed. See the trend?

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