Thursday, August 23, 2012

12 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn SEO and Marketability

If you have not evaluated the search engine optimization (SEO) of your LinkedIn profile, you should. Some 98 percent of recruiters say they use LinkedIn to find job candidates, compared to 33 percent who use Facebook, according to a survey from Bullhorn Reach. Use the strategies below to improve recruiters’ ability to find and view your profile.
  1. Focus on keywords. Similar to Google, LinkedIn’s search engine looks for keywords in your headline, summary, specialties and current position. If you are editing your profile and click on a skill or expertise in the “Skills and Expertise” section, you can also quantify your years of experience in that area. Every skill you add makes you easier to find. You can identify buzz words by reviewing the textbooks, journals, blogs and websites of the professional associations in your field. Position descriptions will also provide clues.
  2. Use the email settings. This permits you be notified immediately of invitations and opportunities. To ensure that these settings are in place, go to settings > account > add & change email address.
  3. Create an effective headline. Your headline is the text that immediately appears below your name. Consider this your slogan or tagline. People often include their current title, but you can use other techniques to captivate your readers and enhance your SEO. Emphasize deliverables. What do you have to offer an organization? What problems can you solve? Focus on your unique qualifications or attributes that make you irreplaceable. This will differentiate you and communicate the value that you have to offer. Here are a few examples suggested bySuzanne Vara:
    • Gardening Consultant. Finding the right vegetables to plant for your soil & climate.
    • Social Media Consulting. Free profile analysis to leverage brand and maximize your exposure.
    • Forging business relationships internationally; supply chain management consulting.
    • Blog Consultant. Advising & educating new bloggers how to write and promote a blog to build an online community and generate sales.
    • Helping my clients achieve success through strategic, results-based B2B marketing.
  4. Link to your website. Select “Other” for blogs and company websites so you can name it. This, too, improves your SEO because Google views this as an anchor text.
  5. Claim your personal URL. LinkedIn defaults to a long and incomprehensible URL. You can elect to customize one instead, which you can then use on your resume or email signature. It defeats the purpose of LinkedIn and your SEO if you do not make the information public. To publish your profile, go to Edit > Public Profile > Your URL. Then type the text that you prefer.
  6. Market yourself. Be selective of the positions or details you include in your “experience” section. Spend some time crafting a well written summary that conveys your enthusiasm and most noteworthy qualifications. Include quantitative results and accomplishments, instead of just activities.
  7. Tips 7 - 12 and complete article

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