Friday, July 27, 2012

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Choosing A LinkedIn Photo

Vivian Giang

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but before hiring managers actually meet you, your picture is going to play a big role in how they view you. 
So, what's a "good" photo and what's deemed inappropriate?
We contacted Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's Connection Director, who told us you should always post a picture — the site's own research finds that profiles are "seven times more likely to be viewed" if a photo is included. 

To help us get a better idea of what's appropriate, Williams shares 11 of the worst photo blunders you can make on your professional profile: 
1. A photo with a four-legged friend. Unless you’re a veterinarian, don’t post a photo with your pet – as cute as (s)he might be.
2. A group shot. You need to post a solo shot. Otherwise how will people know who you are? Also, are your sure your friends want to be represented on your professional profile?
3. A photo of your baby. You’re growing your family and we’re all thrilled, but that doesn’t belong on LinkedIn.
4. An old photo. It’s easy to choose a photo of ourselves at our best so it makes sense that a person might use a photo of themselves from ten years ago. However, once they call you in for an interview, the jig is up. An interviewee might feel slighted due to your bait and switch campaign.
5. An unprofessional photo. Are you at the beach, a night club or running a marathon? While you don’t need to be in your "Sunday’s best," you do need to keep it professional. No bikinis, sports jerseys or cleavage.
6. A wedding photo. We all know you paid thousands of dollars on hair, makeup and photographers for your big day. We know you’d like to make these photos last. However, unless you’re a wedding dress designer, you need to keep it professional when it comes time for a professional picture. Save the wedding ones for your personal album.

Tips 7 - 11 and complete Business Insider Article

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