Thursday, April 26, 2012

9 Tips to Maximize your Company's Linkedin Presence

By Rosalyn Eishen | @rosalynchoo
LinkedIn is the ideal tool for reaching prospects in the B2B world, finding a job, obtaining venture capital, forming business partnerships and growing your business. Make sure you’re using it the right way.
SMD LinkedIn
  1. Company Pages- First thing’s first: pages should be detailed and updated often. Employees of your business should all link to you company page, as LinkedIn pulls statistics about your company from the profiles of employees. Services provided should be listed in detail. Put your logo on there and any contact information where people can get in touch. See example above.
  2. Executive profiles- Make sure the executives in your company fill in their profiles thoroughly. Every single section needs to be filled in with detailed keywords about what it is that they do. Link back to the company page as well. Executive profiles are a great marketing tool for your company, and they can post updates to drive people back to the company page.
  3. Uniform Profiles- Try to keep all of your employees’ profiles the same. Of course, each person is different and has different roles within the company, but make sure the verbiage about the company is uniform and profile sections are filled out in the same way throughout. A company training for LinkedIn profiles and effective use can ensure a common standard.
  4. Groups- Have executives and other individuals in the company join groups relevant to your industry. More importantly, however, have them join groups where potential clients might be. For example, for a social media marketing agency, join social media groups, but also groups that have people that might need social media services (which could be companies in almost any industry). Individuals can then represent the company and post links about relevant topics.

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