Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Benefits of Power Networking – Be a LinkedIn Connector!

by Deb Rooney

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking and connecting.

As a business owner, I use LinkedIn to meet and offer my assistance to job seekers across the world. As a career coach, I teach new grads and adults in career transition, how to effectively market their skills to attract the attention of hiring employers via LinkedIn. In my role as a Connector, I introduce job hunters to caring people in my network who are willing to offer guidance… through LinkedIn.

Have you considered how you can best serve as a Connector to someone in your network needing a helping hand?  

Here are two real-world examples that took place this week when I connected new friends with generous LinkedIn colleagues:
  • Through my participation in Linked N Chicago, an exploding group with over 53,000 members, I met a French citizen whose fiancée is accepting a job teaching at the French Institute in the Chicagoland suburbs. Not wanting to be left behind, he’s searching for a marketing management job here and will need an H1B Visa. I reached out for help from a Linkedin colleague who’s also French and an international marketing professional. She quickly agreed to connect with my new French friend and offer him advice on job hunting and immigration issues.
  • During a LinkedIn coaching session with a sharp Valparaiso University grad, we improved his profile content, which included the creation of a career goal statement that he easily articulated with a green venture capitalism/private equity firm. I realized that I have a colleague in my network, a seasoned business developer and advisor in the venture capital/private equity industry, who currently mentors entrepreneurs. On the spot, my well-connected business colleague agreed to help!

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