Thursday, March 15, 2012

4 Tips for Creating Your LinkedIn Company Page


Does your business have a LinkedIn company page?
Keep reading for tips to create and grow a following for your LinkedIn company page.

Why LinkedIn Pages?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. The network has 150 million members worldwide, and is adding 10 new members every 5 seconds!
LinkedIn is a publicly traded company now (symbol LNKD), which means that information about their revenues, operations and earnings are publicly available.
You can gain a lot of insight about a public company by following their investor relations communications to better understand how the business is growing, and what the areas of focus are for the company.
For example, 50% of LinkedIn’s revenues come from hiring solutions, and 30% are derived from marketing solutions. This means that a total of 80% of revenues for LinkedIn come from brands, corporations and businesses. The remaining 20% of revenues come from premium member subscriptions. All areas of the business are growing very rapidly (triple-digit growth).
Also, keep in mind that LinkedIn has a more educated and affluent audience than some of the other popular social media sites for business.
Given that the majority of LinkedIn’s revenues are derived from companies and brands, LinkedIn company pages are going to continue to grow in importanceand relevance for the network.
Jonathan Lister, LinkedIn’s VP of North American sales for marketing solutions, was recently interviewed on Business Insider and had the following to say about LinkedIn company pages:
“The product we are most bullish on is a product that allows members to follow companies, and companies to message members.”
Also referring to LinkedIn company pages, Lister says,
“We’re seeing some of our highest engagement rates across the board on status updates to members.”
Bottom line? Build a LinkedIn company page for your business now! Invest your time and resources where LinkedIn is investing their time and resources.

Building Your Company Page

To build your LinkedIn company page and take advantage of all of the features offered, review this article: 5 Tips for Using the New LinkedIn Company Pages.
The newest feature of company pages is the ability to post a status update. That status update can be viewed in the streams of your followers. If you don’t have followers for your company page, your status updates won’t get any visibility outside of your company page itself.
In order to build followers for your LinkedIn company page, you will have to run some campaigns such as:
  • notify your employees to follow your page,
  • send out an email to your existing contact database to follow your page,
  • place a Follow button on your website or blog, and
  • cross-promote your page on other social channels, including LinkedIn Groups.
For the purposes of this article, I pulled together a few examples of best practices on companies that are using LinkedIn company pages to grow their visibility on the network and engage followers.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages

#1: Maximize the Overview Tab on your LinkedIn Company Page - see all 4 tips and complete article

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