Thursday, February 25, 2021

7 New Features On LinkedIn For Job Seekers And Consultants Looking For Work

Caroline Ceniza-Levine

From time to time, LinkedIn hosts updates on new product features for media and other professionals related to their space. For example, at a 2019 event, a senior software engineer shared tips on increasing profile views. This year, LinkedIn Director of Product, Monica Lewis, and Director of Communications, Suzi Owens, hosted a webinar to outline several new features specific to job search.

1 - #OpenToWork

This searchable hashtag also can appear as a frame around your profile photo. When you edit your profile, in the top section, you can select “Open To” and either “Finding A New Job” or “Hiring” (or don’t make a selection). According to LinkedIn, over 5 million profiles feature the #OpenToWork photo frame, and these profiles average 40% more Inmails from recruiters and 20% more messages from the LinkedIn community.

The #OpenToWork feature is probably not the sole driver behind the uptick in activity, and since LinkedIn shared an average result, it doesn’t mean that every profile showed improved performance. However, this option is free and easy to implement. If you haven’t reconnected with everyone in your network to inform them of your search, this is a comprehensive way to catch people you haven’t reached out to yet, as well as people you have forgotten about. If you are a consultant or in a temporary job but ideally looking for in-house, full-time, the #OpenToWork tag can signal to prospective employers and recruiters that you are actively looking, even if your profile shows you’re currently employed.

2 — Free courses

There are over 600 courses on LinkedIn Learning that are available for free. The trick is that you need to start at and not on the regular LinkedIn site (otherwise the courses have a fee or are free only for Premium members). The free courses are centered around in-demand jobs, including software development, sales, project management, IT admin, digital marketing, customer support, IT support, data analysis, financial analysis and graphic design. There are additional courses on soft skills, including resilience, communication skills, etc.

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