Monday, August 10, 2020

90 Trending LinkedIn Hashtags to Expand your network and engagement

When it comes to using social media for professional purposes, no other platform can match the level of LinkedIn, itself. LinkedIn is the best professional platform, allows us to connect and socialize with likeminded people having the same career aspects. As social media for professionals, LinkedIn is a reliable platform amongst online marketers, business owners, HR departments, and content creators, to develop their networks.

Linkedin hashtags are a very powerful tool to use, especially when you are actively using it for building your brand. Similarly, on most other social media hashtags, LinkedIn hashtags are also a way to reach a larger audience with targeted interest. For that understanding which hashtags to use in your content, becomes crucial to growing your network.

So in this post, we are sharing you some of the best trending LinkedIn hashtags, you better to use in your next posts. Such hashtags are widely used by professionals, and support your post to reach its maximum post expectations. Ultimately, that helps you to present your message in front of the right audience. But, the first question is,

Do Hashtags Work on Linkedin?

The short answer is, absolutely. Yes.  As a social media community and not just a job searching platform, Linkedin is the top leading online communities for professional peoples. And yes, hashtags at LinkedIn are also a powerful way to promote your post and reach it to the maximum exposure.

Like other social media like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn hashtags are also widely used to push the content to a wider audience. When being used wisely, mean relevant topical hashtags can boost the post impressions and so the engagements in return.

These are also a better way to reach the target audience and present them with your unique ideas through the posts. You can use hashtags on Linkedin at every type of content from text to visual format contents.

So, if you are at Linkedin to promote your brand and drive more brand mentions, then you better to use relevant hashtags that fit your industry area. For that, search with some relevant hashtags that you can add in your regular posts.

Not limited to marketing perspective only, but as you know that Linkedin is a better place to find your next job and project as well, you can share the post about vacancies at your company there too. And, yes with using the right hashtag in a job updating post you can reach the right candidate seeking the same job profile.

If you are looking for some trending LinkedIn hashtags to grow your network and promoting your services right way, then here is the list for you.

Trending LinkedIn Hashtags 2020

  1. #Networking
  2. #Workfromhome
  3. #Homeoffice
  4. #workingathome
  5. #Life
  6. #Entrepreneurship
  7. #Work
  8. #Success
  9. #Creativity
  10. #Inspiration
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