Wednesday, July 15, 2020

39 Experts Discuss Their Favorite LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn is the largest business social networking site in the world. With so many different business professionals from a wide array of backgrounds we thought it would be best to call in some help to ensure you use the right LinkedIn strategy for your business.

Below is the advice from 39 experts who have spent a lot of time coming up with strategies they condensed into short snippets to help you grow your business through LinkedIn. These thoughts are grouped into relevant categories to make it easier for you to take action on specific areas of your LinkedIn marketing.

A. LinkedIn Profile

1) Jyoti Chaudhary  PMbyPM

I think a good profile picture and an eye-catching tagline is extremely important for reaching out and making new connections. Regular communication and nurturing are required to convert the business prospects into customers.

2) Nevena Sofranic  Omnes Group

People will decide in the first few seconds if they want to add you to their network. To grab their attention you need *a good picture*. A picture of you smiling will do the trick, but a picture of you speaking in front of prospects will make you look like an expert. People mentally digest pictures before they read.

B.  Find New Connections

How consistent are you with reaching out to new connections? These new connections can be anything from prospects to networking partners. You can find them through LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Search which we discuss in more detail later.

5) Marietta Gentles Crawford  Marie Brands for You

Ditch automating connection requests and using sales templates. Lately, since LinkedIn has had a resurgence, people are relying on hacks to get in touch with their target audience and sell their stuff.

Automation does not work! I can smell an automated invitation or script that comes immediately after I accept a request, and I will ignore or delete it immediately. It’s not an effective LinkedIn strategy, so ditch it and focus on adding value to your network. You can’t automate genuine relationship building.

6) Jeff Romero  Octiv Digital

One thing I have recently discovered a new LinkedIn strategy that works with exporting a list of my followers and segmenting them by the hashtags they follow.

Using this method when I launched a new agency last quarter, I was able to segment the data by those following hashtags like #digitalmarketing or #onlinemarketing and it gave me a quick list of people to reach out to.

I’ve had a great response rate (we’re already connected, so I’m sure that helps) and I already know these professionals are interested in the services my agency offers.

C. LinkedIn content

If you don’t produce content, you will struggle to stay competitive on LinkedIn. That is because LinkedIn is much more of a content repository now than it was even a few short years ago. Below we discuss what LinkedIn strategy for various content approaches.

15) KellyAnn Romanych Veterans Legal Institute

One LinkedIn strategy that works for me is to focus on supporting our donors. Many are humble and prefer not to self-promote.

I like, comment, and share their content to celebrate their compassion and generosity. It is heartfelt and genuine. Our donors know the value of creating great content and are grateful to have help in getting it out to those who can benefit.

16) Neill Marshall Health Search Partners

I have a Google alert on my top 160 potential clients. When they are mentioned in the media, I get a google alert that morning at 8:00 AM. If the article is positive, I share it on LinkedIn with a comment and tag them. They get bragged about without having to do the bragging and I build goodwill.

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