Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How To Let Recruiters Know You’re Open To A New Job Using LinkedIn

Robin Ryan

I was working with Tim, a 57-year-old career counseling client, and we were creating his LinkedIn profile. He was surprised when I mentioned that you could turn on a feature that would allow recruiters to find you and know that you are open to new job opportunities. I just assumed that he was only one of a few who might not know how to do this feature yet three days later I had another Baby Boomer client doing her LinkedIn Profile creation, and that client was also surprised that LinkedIn had this feature. Although it’s not a brand-new feature, you don’t want to miss out on having this tool turned on. 

If you are open to a new job, you are going to want to use this so recruiters can find you. It’s a signal that goes out only to recruiters, so you don’t have to worry about your boss or any employees from your company finding out that you’re looking for a job. This is great because, for some of you, it’s risky to state on LinkedIn (like in the About summary section) that you’re looking for a job. Think about what might happen if your boss goes to your Profile and sees you advertising yourself to other employers. That could be a very uncomfortable conversation. This LinkedIn feature “hides” your signal from your current employer. That’s why this feature is a great one to use. It works behind the scenes. 

According to LinkedIn, 94% of recruiters search LinkedIn for job candidates. 94%. They know that most of the talented applicants are already working. They want to find you, and by using this feature, you will enable recruiters to locate you more easily. 

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