Wednesday, February 5, 2020

7 LinkedIn Tactics To Attract Recruiters

by Robin Ryan

Do you wonder what else you should do to get recruiters to discover you on LinkedIn? I had an in-depth conversation with LinkedIn expert Susan Joyce, editor of, as we discussed the strategies must people miss when they create their LinkedIn Profile. These are mistakes and omissions you can quickly correct once you know what to do. Joyce was a former researcher at MIT. Currently, she devotes herself to helping job hunters land jobs by sharing information via her blog and website. Here are her seven proven tactics to help you get found by recruiters.

3) Mark profile for all to see. Most people restrict their LinkedIn profile to just the people who are on LinkedIn. If you do this, you are missing all the recruiters who are using Google or Bing to try to find you. When you look at the settings options, select "Public" to broaden your scope and reach more to recruiters.
4) Put work titles into the headline. The headline is the most searched part of LinkedIn. Unfortunately, some people have a job title that is not very explicit as to what their skills are. For example, they use Engineer 2 because that's their real job title. Instead, clarify the work so that it's more findable in the recruiter's search. This example: Structural Engineer l Manufacturing Engineer l Aerospace Engineer 

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