Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 Strategies for Growing Your LinkedIn Influence when Job Searching

Building LinkedIn influence is the key to becoming both the trusted authority and the likable expert in your industry and this can have a huge impact when you're job searching.

Many people that are job searching have a Linkedin presence, after all it is one the key business social media networks.

But few people are really seriously investing their time on Linkedin trough optimising their profile, making connections, interacting in groups, etc. And the key for a successful Linkedin presence is indeed being commited to dedicate a few hours per week to it. Just having a profile is not enough if the goal is to grow influence and reach key people that can help your job search.

Here are 5 essential strategies to build your Linkedin influence when you're job searching (that you can start doing just after reading this article!):

1. Join and interact in groups
Groups are a great Linkedin resource. There are many related to specific industries, themes and networking. Search and join them and then regularly use them to build your influence.
How? By sharing valuable content, posting great discussions and also by commenting to others discussions by posting really interesting and valuable information that catches the attention. If you happen to have written a blog post about a certain topic that is being discussed, post your post link in your reply too, as long as the post is really relevant and valuable.

If you consistently interact and engage on Linkedin groups and deliver real value, you'll get knowned and recognised, growing your influence.

2. Share great content
We already talked about this on the previous tip, but the reason I'm telling this again is because Linkedin groups are not the only place to post great content.
You have your own status updates and can even share your entire blog posts via the new Linkedin Publishing Platform! How cool is this?

Whether you're sharing your own blog posts or sharing other's content, make sure it is really interesting and valuable. Your goals are to help others solve certain issues, give them key information and be seen as an influencer.

3. Connect with your Linkedin connections  - Find out more about #3, 4&5, and the complete article

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