Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Secret to Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

Click on Profile on your LinkedIn site and you'll see a list of your experiences, schools, and contacts. Most people focus on developing these lists to make connections at places they've worked and where they have gone to school. LinkedIn, after all, is a great networking tool.

But before you get to this mass of information is the summary section on top. Most people don't bother to fill this out--and it may be the key to help you connect to more people than you thought possible.

From my experience, the summary is where the beefy, real content begins--and the only place to really find out who the person really is. It acts like a movie trailer, getting people emotionally connected and excited for the coming attraction. It reinforces a person's personal brand

Whether you are trying to connect to customers, suppliers, or even new employees, the summary can offer you a snapshot of who this person is and any specialities that may be beneficial to you. For example, you can look for soft skills, attitude and creativity that are important to you. 

This works in your favor, too. It is an opportunity to tell your story. 

Here's how to make it work for you and what to look for in other summaries.  - To find out how to make it work for you please read the complete Inc. article

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