Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don’t Like LinkedIn? 5 Other Social Networks That Can Help You Land A Job

 Joshua Lockhart   

LinkedIn has been the goto social network for finding a job as of late, and honestly, why shouldn’t it be? It has a great deal of wonderful resources and tools aimed at job-seekers and employers alike to help them both on their journeys, and is a great tool for job-finding, especially if you can make your profile irresistible. However, LinkedIn isn’t the only way you can find a job.

There are other social networks out there perfect for helping you finding the perfect job. Some of them are well-hidden, and some are the usual suspects. The point is that you don’t have to limit yourself, and yes, there are plenty of places out there willing to accept your resumé, especially if you style it right.
Below are five other social networks you can use that could very well help you land that dream job. Take a look at them, use them to the best of your ability, and bring home the bacon.


Pinterest isn’t just for posting pictures of disgustingly melted crayons and overly-expensive clothing. In fact, it’s a great way for some people to display their portfolio and expertise, too.
Personally, I’ve found that Pinterest ideally works for freelancers and prospective job-seekers who are in some sort of visual field. Most importantly, such users can pin their own work from their portfolio sites onto the boards, which in turn link back to said site. Photographs, images, art, videos — all of these can be properly pinned to introduce yourself in a friendly, social manner.
Don’t think you should limit your Pinterest usage to showing your own work, though. For instance, designers and stylists can easily develop various boards that show their taste by pinning images, clothing, and other things that they like. This can help potential clients and employers get a feel for the individual’s taste.


We recently published an entire article on the benefits of using Facebook when it comes to finding a job. I will highlight the important parts from that article, but do check it out for more information on how you can use Facebook to find a job.

There are the obvious things: clean up your profile, post a status asking your friends about jobs, participate in discussions on workplace Facebook Pages; you know them, already. However, the two key Facebook features I would like to point out are the Facebook Marketplace and the Social Jobs Partnership app.

Powered by Oodle, the Marketplace functions a bit like any other classified ads site — there’s even a specialized jobs section. From my experience, I thought it was rather useful. For instance, you can search for positions within your area and up to however many miles you are willing to commute, and even better, you can see a limited portion of the job-poster’s Facebook profile or Page. This adds an extra level of accountability that other sites do not have.
As for the Social Jobs app, it does virtually the same thing as the jobs section of the marketplace, but it’s a bit more optimized for more intensive job-seeking. For instance, you can browse specific career categories and insert certain keywords which pull data from job resources such as Monster, Branchout, Jobvite, and more.

Networks 3-5 and the complete article

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