Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Tips for Tweaking Your LinkedIn Profile


Grammarly, the online proofreading and grammar checking tool, often uses LinkedIn for recruiting. The company's hiring managers noticed that making a few tweaks to your LinkedIn profile may help boost your name in the search results and help you find a job.

One caveat before you start tweaking, if you're employed and updating your activity level be careful whom you share what you're doing with. You may not want your boss to notice a flurry of LinkedIn activity. Here's how to turn off LinkedIn activity broadcasts if you need to.

Here are tips for tweaking your LinkedIn profile:

Be passive. Don't mention that you are actively seeking a job on your Linkedin profile. Many potential employers are looking for passive job seekers who are committed to their current job, but may be a better fit for the hiring company.

Get active. A flurry of profile activity - such as making new connections, commenting in groups, adding keywords to your profile, etc. - helps candidates to show up in more search results. Activity also helps recruiters to judge if someone is thinking about looking for a new position and starting to tweak and improve their resume.

Include specific job titles. Maybe you're a marketing ninja at your current company - but what does a marketing ninja do, exactly? If you're looking for a job, include a job title that is transferable to the position you're looking for.

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