Wednesday, July 10, 2013

101 LinkedIn Tips, Tricks and Strategies For Success

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If you want to build your business and your career then these 101 LinkedIn tips must be part of the mix! With more than 170 million professionals worldwide and 3 million in London alone LinkedIn is the best place to start!

Recent design changes have hidden many of the features that have given your profile much of its power – recommendations, web links and social media. As a result, creating a highly searchable and keyword rich profile is essential.

With  more than a million groups and great search features, LinkedIn is an amazing opportunity to build a business! Put in the effort to grow a network and learn the ins and outs of the system and the payoffs are huge!

  1. Secure your name to customize your url. This is done in the settings function and will provide you with a professional looking link instead of the default link which contains lots of numbers and random letters. Please feel free to connect with me!
  2. Complete your profile. Nothing says amateur than an incomplete profile. A complete profile will help when contacting with others.
  3. Start with connecting with your warm market. Invite friends, relations, schoolmates, customers and colleagues.
  4. Use LinkedIn to follow-up after other communications. Don’t make the mistake of trying to connect with lots people you don’t know. LinkedIn will warn you, and then could shut you down if too many people don’t respond to your connection request. Whenever you receive an email, business card, or leave a voicemail; add that you are going to also connect by LinkedIn right at the end. Then people make the connection as someone they know and approve your connection request.
  5. Customise the standard connection request message that LinkedIn puts in to something you write that is more personal. Note that if you import lists or use the mobile application to make requests that customization is not an option.
  6. Teach LinkedIn strategy and tactics to your employees. Get your people together and coordinate your efforts and strategies as a team. If you provide your staff with a team approach you will get much stronger results. Leverage each other’s connections for better team results.
  7. Give and receive recommendations, a heart-felt recommendation helps build relationships. Nothing boosts morale, loyalty, and friendship, like an unsolicited recommendation. Try it. And don’t be afraid to ask for it from co-workers, friends, and even customers. Be generous with your praise!
  8. Use your “3 Free Backlinks” (these are the weblinks) with all employees: Google uses backlinks to drive search engine results. Every LinkedIn account has a place for 3 Free Backlinks, and LinkedIn leaves these links open to indexing by Google. Ask that employees list your company website, blog and facebook page.
  9. Define your LinkedIn sales strategy. Know what you want to achieve and keep this in mind when making connections, posting in groups and creating updates.
  10. Have your marketing department assist your team with writing of profiles to be certain everyone within the company provides a professional profile.

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