Monday, March 18, 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: How Can Facebook and LinkedIn Get You a New Job?

Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to find your next job, more so than you would think. Recruiters use social networks to post jobs, to source for candidates and to network with talent.
Research shows that nearly 75% of companies check out potential candidates on social networks. And they’re not just digging for dirt. More and more, HR execs and recruiters are turning to social networks to scout out promising job candidates, and with good reason.

One recent study by Northern Illinois University professors found study participants could more accurately predict a candidate’s likelihood to succeed in a particular job by browsing their Facebook profile than by evaluating detailed personality surveys.

Another study by professors at Cornell University found that job applicants were less likely to lie about past work experience on their LinkedIn profile than they were on a traditional resume.

Our friends at have created a useful inforgraphic about how companies are integrating social media more than ever in the job search – and how you can use that to your advantage.
Most recruiters hire through LinkedIn (94.5%), and some use Twitter and Facebook as well (42% and 33%, respectively). See more at How Recruiters Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (Infographic).

So, can your social networks help you land a job? In this infographic, learn how recruiters are using social sites and how you can optimize your online presence.

See The Complete Infographic and Read The Complete Article

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