Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 Ways You’re Not Using LinkedIn (But Should Be)

by Hannah Morgan

How do you use LinkedIn?
If you’re an internship or job seeker, you might be using the number one professional network to look at open positions. If you have a job already, you may use the site for networking with colleagues or finding leads.
The reality is: this is a much more powerful tool than that… and you may not be using LinkedIn to its maximum benefit.
Job seekers can not only find jobs, they can research target companies, study the backgrounds of upcoming interviewers and hiring managers, and network to get “inside” a company before getting hired. Current careerists often use LinkedIn for generating leads and researching their next job opportunity.
Here are some other ideas on what you could be doing with LinkedIn:

Personal Branding

LinkedIn is a terrific outlet to share expertise and promote your personal brand. If utilized purposefully and intelligently, LinkedIn is a great way to be found… just by showing what you know.

Keep Up With Industry News

How are you keeping up with what is going on in your industry? What publications or news sources do you regularly read? With a little effort, you can set up your LinkedIn News… and save time scouring news sites… by having that information delivered to you automatically.

Make New Connections

People define their LinkedIn connections differently. Some, known as LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers) connect with any and all. Other LinkedIn users only connect with people they’ve met or know well. And then there are those who fall in between or have no specific logic at all for whom they choose to connect with. Here are some ideas on how to find great contacts on LinkedIn.

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