Thursday, April 29, 2010

Own Your Brand: Be The CEO Of Your Job Search

As a job seeker, your brand distinguishes you in whatever way you choose. How you cultivate your profile will directly speak to your next employer.

It's often said that to be successful in the career world, those who are job searching need to be able to showcase their experience on multiple plains and platforms to capture the attention of those hiring. To de-mystify the process, think of your skills and accomplishments as a product; a valuable service to a company that is looking to solve a problem. Essentially, online profiles on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are a way to personalize your brand and secure your future career. A few rules apply for all:

Your picture speaks volumes. In fact, it probably gives the recruiter or H.R. manager a much deeper glimpse into who you are than one might originally think. Your picture should be professional. If ageism is a concern, consider taking a picture of your networking or business card.

Profanity is out. Remember, you are speaking to your future boss and company. By using cursing, or otherwise questionable phrases, or even linking to questionable pictures or articles, it will make those looking question your integrity.

What happens on social media, stays on social media. There's one question to ask yourself once your profile is complete: "Are you being authentic?" What you post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and proclaim on LinkedIn will remain in search engines for months to come. Personal integrity is vital to your brand.

Jason Douglas, online marketing manager for Spyder Trap Online Marketing, has often spoke the phrase, "Be who you are, with a filter." When questioning what to say and where, consider this easy guide:

LinkedIn is the office: Be professional and courteous in every way, never using slang or adopting lax speech.

Twitter is the water cooler: It's the perfect place to discuss your next opportunity, last night's game, challenges and display what you bring to a potential employer.

Facebook is the bar: It's a much needed rest from the suit and tie, however, profiles should be privatized except for your name and network.

Douglas sums it all up perfectly, "People care about what you achieved, but want to know how you did it. The ability to answer the what, how and why is essential." With authenticity and the correct marketing, you can shorten the job search period and heighten the passion behind a career transition.

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