Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The 6 Best LinkedIn Learning Courses for Managing Remote Teams


LinkedIn Learning is one of the best e-learning platforms to upskill yourself with premium-quality video courses taught by industry experts. Here are the best LinkedIn Learning courses for managing a remote team.

1. Leading Remote Projects and Virtual Teams

Leading remote teams and projects requires strong adaptability to digital workflows, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate virtually with clients and colleagues globally.

This short 29-minute video course is best to get started with learning to lead remote projects and virtual teams. It starts with a brief overview of remote projects covering different types of virtual projects, pros and cons, and must-haves for the same.

Next, the course advances towards managing remote teams, including tips for structuring your team and effectively communicating with your virtual team. Then, it ends with guiding you on various remote collaboration tools, challenges faced while leading a virtual team, and solutions to encounter them.

The instructor of this course, Cyndi Snyder Dionisio, is an author and consultant with over 25+ years of work experience in project management. The course has a 4.6 rating, and over 42,558 learners take up the course.

4. Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence can assist you in many aspects of your life, including leading at your workplace, by building stronger relationships with your colleagues, reducing the stress levels of your team, and improving your overall job satisfaction.

Britt Andreatta, the instructor of this course and an internationally recognized thought leader, guides you in boosting your emotional intelligence for effectively leading your team. This one-hour course begins by giving you an overview of emotional intelligence and the brain science behind it. Next, Britt advances on helping you learn about assessing your as well as your teammates’ emotions, identifying triggers, and responding to them.

The course ends on understanding empathy and optimizing team performance using emotional intelligence. At present, the course has a 4.7 rating and is taken by 503,891 learners on the platform.

6. Managing Team Conflict

Leading a team can present situations where conflict arises among your colleagues. Therefore, knowing how to handle conflicts becomes an important part of your leadership process.

The one-hour course begins by giving you an overview of team conflicts—the necessity of it, and learning how to diagnose if the team conflict is healthy or unhealthy. Further, the instructor, Henna Inam, who has been a Coach, Author, and former C-Level Leader at Fortune 500 companies, guides you on the sources of conflicts and resolving different situations of conflict.

You also get to learn conflict-resolution skills, including the comparison between assertive and cooperative approaches. In the last part, the course explains various team conflict management styles to help you deal with any conflict confidently.

The course has a rating of 4.7 out of 5, and around 208,640 have started learning it.

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