Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LinkedIn Launches Sales Navigator As Stand-Alone App

 For The Dedicated Salesman, A Powerful New Tool

In a world where interpersonal contact occurs primarily online, even more so in the world of business relations, it is easy enough to forget that the foundation of successful enterprise is the building of real relationships with both associates and customers.

LinkedIn’s latest move is a reminder of this. Last week they launched Sales Navigator as a stand-alone app, a tool designed for salespeople to take advantage of the professional social network’s 316 million members. While LinkedIn built its reputation as a recruiting tool, this move demonstrates an intention to become an essential aspect of all strata of business.  The question then becomes whether this development is a genuinely useful tool or simply another way for the company to encourage people to subscribe to their premium service.

In the ever-expanding world of globalised business it is not enough to be, in the words of Willy Loman, simply ‘well liked.’ One must be connected, and to see the potential avenue of new connection in every professional relationship. This is perhaps the most useful aspect of Sales Navigator: it leverages its vast database of employee information to let users know whether they have an existing connection with a potential sales lead. It will, for example, let you know whether anyone at your company is connected with anyone at a company you are targeting.

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