Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Find a Job With LinkedIn’s New Search

by Joshua Waldman

That’s a ton.

Since it’s such a popular feature, LinkedIn users demanded a better search experience. Luckily, LinkedIn’s software development team listened and launched an enhanced version of their search technology.

(It happened on March 25. Did you notice?)

The good news is this new search makes it easier for recruiters to find you but ONLY if you’ve written your profile correctly.

Here are three ways to leverage LinkedIn’s new search approach. Follow these steps and you’ll improve your profile, and as a result your job search.

1. Saved Search

Guess what? LinkedIn’s new search adapts to your style and your network. The more you search, the better your experience will be.

As your network grows, your search results will change. So be sure to save searches you make frequently to save you time and so LinkedIn will adjust to your needs.

Want to save your search? It’s easy. Run a search, and then on the results page, click the green plus (+) sign on the top right.

I recommend saving searches on keywords you are trying to rank for so you can determine if you’re making progress.

Also, you can save searches for job titles you are going for at certain companies to see if anyone new is there to network with.

2. Autocomplete for Keyword Research

Knowing what words to use in your profile can be a guessing game. Sometimes “Bursar” is better than “accountant,” sometimes “advocate” is better than “organizer.”

LinkedIn’s new search feature provides an autocomplete and autosuggest which you can use to see what words are popular trends.

Review the example below (image). I searched for .NET to see what skills I should include in a client’s profile. I’ll admit, I would have never thought of .NET Compact Network.

Give it a try. Start by typing your current job title or skills to see what LinkedIn suggests for you.

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