Friday, January 4, 2013

The 99 LinkedIn Mistakes Job Seekers Make

I have used LinkedIn since 2004 to help job seekers and grow my own career. In support of my newest book, From Linked Out to LinkedIn: Unlocking the power for career success in 2013, I have seen people make some mistakes in how they are using the site. Here are the 99 that stand out to me:

1.       Signing up and never going back to the site.

2.       Signing up more than once and creating multiple accounts.

3.       Not creating a profile that includes more than a name and an industry.

4.       Not including any work experience.

5.       Not including all of your work experience.

6.       Including your work experience but not including descriptions for every job.

7.       Focusing on job duties as opposed to accomplishments.

8.       Misspelling names of previous employers.

9.       Adding the same company over and over to your profile.

10.   Not listing any education.

11.   Listing only your most recent degree in your profile.

12.   Listing only your Bachelors degree and not including your masters/doctoral degree.

13.   Leaving your profile headline blank.

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