Thursday, December 13, 2012

20 great ways to find a job using LinkedIn

by Karalyn

Thinking of using LinkedIn to find a job? It is an absolute gold mine of information on jobs, and, as far as I am concerned, a real game changer in the business of online recruitment. Companies like Rio Tinto have signed deals with LinkedIn to directly target their passive pool of candidates. LinkedIn will promote Rio Tinto jobs through their network. I recently received something similar in my inbox from Hudson, a global recruiter, suggesting I might like a consulting job. While I wasn’t interested, I was interested enough in having a look at what they were offering.

LinkedIn is a game changer for job seekers as well. Using Linkedin can put the power back into the hands of candidates and out of the hands of recruitment consultants. There are plenty of ways you can be proactive, rather than reactive in your job search. Here are my 20 top LinkedIn job hunting tips, in no particular order.

1.  Get a decent profile. There is no point being half-hearted. This point is my big bandwagon point for professionals and job seekers.

2.  Connect with people. Look up people from your past and find out where they work now. Use the connect email to invite people for coffee and find out what they are up to. Show some interest in them, and what you are looking for, job wise, will inevitably come up
3.  Join groups of interest and participate in discussions. I know of one person who did little more than this. He was approached by a recruiter about a job, based on the thoroughness of a question he answered.

4.  Find a role model networker who is working in your desired area. Look to see which groups they belong to and join those.

5.   Start a group around your area of interest and expertise. Invite people who can add value to join. Welcome them to the group and ask them a question directly. You can build up your knowledge of their organisation, any problems they may be facing, and approach them with a solution in mind (you).

6.  Look to see who has viewed your profile, and add them to your network. If they are recruiters, see if they have jobs  coming up in your area. As a carrot to see you, mention that you may have useful contacts for them.

7.  Look to see where people with your background are working and what their responsibilities are. That way if you want to approach a company directly about jobs, you are making an informed and targeted approach.

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