Thursday, March 31, 2011

25 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

Submitted by HRgorilla

The vast majority of employers and recruiters search LinkedIn before deciding whether to interview you. If you're conducting a job search, do you know how to optimize LinkedIn to your advantage? Here are a few ideas. Please add additional ones in comments!

1.After your title, add your industry (if that's the one you want a job in) and then pump it up with your brand if you wish: "Go-to SAP Project Manager"

2.In your summary, nail your value proposition and competitive advantages.

3.Use the common keywords recruiters or hiring authorities would use when searching for someone like you.

4.Put in a comprehensive list of keywords under Specialties to attract search engine attention

5.Under Experience, just hit your main achievements and contributions. Use numbers whenever possible.

6.If your title isn't the one a hiring manager would use to search for someone who does what you do, put your formal, legal title in, then a slash, and then the title that you would have in most companies: "Business Continuity Analyst / Business Continuity Manager"

7.Make your profile as complete as possible. Include links to any websites or blogs and to your Twitter and Facebook pages.

8.List all your educational institutions, training, associations, and memberships to provide keywords that may help other users find you.

9.Include a headshot. Make it professional even if it's taken from your digital camera.

10.List your interests, community involvement, and extracurricular activities. They give you individuality and make you memorable. Also, studies show that skill in one area (swimming) tranfers to perceived skill in your professional area (Program Management).

Tips 11 - 25 From HRgorilla

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