Monday, September 20, 2010

Get Your Resume Noticed

Expert advice on how to make your resume really stand out from the crowd

Wouldn't it be nice if employers flocked to you for a change? With some tweaks to your resume, they can. Phil Rosenberg of reCareered has some tips to help your resume be seen and shine:
Resume search optimization
"The majority of times, your resume will be pre-screened by a database looking for keywords," says Rosenberg. He recommends focusing on five to ten keywords or phrases that best describe what you want in a job and what you are qualified for. "Include these keywords and phrases verbatim within the context of your bullet points," says Rosenberg. This will increase your resume's chances of showing up in important job databases.

Explain your experience
An old saying from Rosenberg's recruiting days was "If it's not on your resume, it doesn't exist." Don't assume that a company knows everything you've done at previous jobs. The best way for them to know everything about your work history is to have it in front of them on your resume. Rosenberg suggests starting by taking a targeted approach: "Focus on what you do better than anyone else."

Keep it simple

"The average time a reviewer, recruiter, or hiring manager spends reviewing a resume is 15 seconds," according to a poll done on Rosenberg's blog. Get their attention and make the most of your 15 seconds of fame. "Club them over the head with relevant examples, and customize your resume to the specific job," says Rosenberg. "Job seekers who get indignant and feel that the reviewer 'should know what this means' end up in the 'Don't Interview' pile."

Get it out there
"Plastering your resume all over creation is rarely valuable, even for the active job seeker," says Rosenberg. Instead of saturating the web with generic resumes, Rosenberg suggests sticking with a handful of sites: "At a bare minimum, post highlights of your resume on LinkedIn and attach a copy of your resume," he says. "I recommend posting your resume at no more than five job sites."
With some research, reorganization, and reach, your resume will be seen by more of the companies you want to see it.
Phil Rosenberg is the president of reCareered, which helps great people break through the challenges of modern job searches.

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