Monday, May 24, 2010

Our First Twitter Job Search Experiment Tweet

NOTE: This post is referring to our ongoing Twitter Job Search Experiment… Learn about it here.)

This morning, I posted our first tweet. It was as follows:

Looking 4 a secretary/admin/asst office job. Location: anywhere! She just divorced & is looking 2 start fresh somewhere new @mydetroitdining

Tonight, I got in touch with @mydetroitdining to see how it went. Below is a partial transcript of our email conversation:

I logged in at lunch and there were already 6-7 messages. (…)

By the end of the day I had a bit over a dozen. Some of them were just words of encouragement, but literally all of them were valuable. Several people gave me advice as to which job market might be the best to move to. (…)

I’d say about half were solid job leads. These were job openings I wasn’t aware of, and probably never would have run across. The person I’ve selected as “the best” message literally gave me the tip to something that I would consider a dream job.

She was impressed. And I am too, frankly. We have over 200 followers, so to get a dozen messages out of that is not bad.

But imagine if we had 400? Or 4000? I dream of someone logging on at lunch with 50 messages full of job leads.

We can only do that if we get more followers. So, again, I implore you to get the word out. Tweet, retweet, and Facebook!

(If anyone knows any bloggers that might help us out with a friendly post, drop me a direct message)

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