3 Clever Ways Recruiters Can Mine LinkedIn’s Data for Better Hiring Insights

Posted by Siofra Pratt

LinkedIn is the largest professional database in the world. But as the world’s largest professional database, LinkedIn doesn’t just house an almost infinite list of candidates, it also houses vast amounts of data on these people including where they live and work, the companies they work for, the companies they used to work for, the industries they typically tag themselves in, and the skills those within a certain industry typically list themselves as possessing. In other words, highly valuable insights we can use when it comes to trying to find the best candidate for the job.

In this blog, we’re going to show you how to use LinkedIn’s data to gain invaluable insights that will improve your hiring process and enable you to act as more of a consultant with your Hiring Manager. Sound good? Great! Let’s get stuck in.

1. Who are the top employers of the skills my client/organisation is looking the find?

This is a really important thing to understand. Sure, you can go and source candidates from anywhere, but wouldn’t it make more sense to identify where the talent that you’re looking to hire typically go for work i.e. who employs the most people with the particular skill set you’re looking for? Of course it does! Having a good understanding of this is important for two reasons:

  1. If the employers you identify have a big team of people with those skills, there’s a higher chance of you being able to poach out their talent.
  2. It’s interesting to note why people with those particular skills are attracted to those organisations.

For example, lets identify the top employers of people with a pre-sales background and RFP experience. After we’ve built out a Boolean search string using the Universal Search Method (seen below), we paste it into the Keywords field of LinkedIn Advanced Search function.

linkedin data

When we click ‘Search’ we can see that there are over one million people on LinkedIn who match our search criteria, but we’re actually not interested in the people. We’re interested in the information contained within the Current Company field on the left hand side of search results page. Here we can see the top 5 employers of people with a pre-sales background and RFP experience in the world. In this example, they are IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant, Oracle and Microsoft.

linkedin data

To find out who the top 5 employers are more locally to you (or more relevant to the location you’re recruiting within), all you need to do is click the ‘+Add‘ button in the Location field just above the Current Company field and type in the country/city you require. In this example, we’ll use Sweden.

linkedin data

When I re-run my search, I can now see that the top 5 employers of people with a pre-sales background and RFP experience in Sweden are Ericsson, Tieto, Capgemini, IBM and H&M.

linkedin data

Armed with this knowledge, I can now better inform my Hiring Manager as to where we should might target to find people with these skills. I can also use this information to build an attractive proposition to help entice them to move from their current employer and come and work for my client/organisation.

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