30 LinkedIn Tips for Effective Small Business Networking

LinkedIn is a powerful online professional networking platform with more than 450 million worldwide registered users. Every second results in more than two new signups, and there are well over a million unique visitors every month. You probably already know that LinkedIn is popular among the job-seeking crowd. The truth is, there are more than 40 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn.

So you may be wondering if LinkedIn is tailored specifically for those in the market for a traditional job, or if you — as small business owner — can use the network to grow your business.

The short answer is yes, provided you follow some LinkedIn best practices for small businesses. Don’t worry. The list below is quite lengthy, but you do not need to implement every single one of these tips to see an increase in your LinkedIn networking power. Pick just a few of your favorite ideas to start, and add more into the mix over time.

Tips to Improve Your Public Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers several ways to highlight yourself and your business, the primary method being your personal public profile. Your profile is not only public to anyone searching LinkedIn, but also those use public search tools like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, giving you an opportunity to add a new search-friendly way to promote yourself.

The tips below will help your profile pop up in relevant research results and increase your ability to be found online.

7. Look for connection possibilities: Check who is viewing your profile in order to find potential new connections. If your profile is set to public, other will be able to see when you look at their profiles as well.

9. Use recommendations: Ask your customers for recommendations on LinkedIn. These testimonials act as powerful word of mouth referrals that everyone visiting your page can see.

14. Post updates: Use updates on your Company Page that focus on relationship building. The best updates are authentic, relevant and brief.

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8 Big Changes To LinkedIn Groups That Will Enhance Your Social

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the number one social networking site for B2B Marketers.

Given the network’s user base of over 380 million and the fact that it’s a source of 80% of B2B social media leads, LinkedIn’s prominence in the B2B industry will not change any time soon.

So if and when LinkedIn makes a necessary change it is important that organizations make a note.

LinkedIn has made more than 2 million discussion groups private, a major step in the social network’s efforts towards improving the quality and professional nature of membership groups.

The move here was based on feedback of LinkedIn groups who craved real connections with peers and industry leaders helping them learn and grow.

Along with making the groups private, LinkedIn has also introduced several other changes that warrant a closer look for any brand making strides and gaining social presence on the network.

Here are the eight changes to LinkedIn groups that B2B marketers need to be aware of.

5. New app available for LinkedIn groups

new app available for LinkedIn group for changes to Linkedin groups

LinkedIn has released a stand alone group app, just for iOS with the android version in the pipeline.

Searching for various groups will not be possible through the app, but you can participate in discussions through the app followed by a new algorithm suggesting new groups just for you based on your profile and past interactions.

The new app will appeal to users who constantly engage in discussions whether on the go or in office. Leveraging the convenience of this mobile app and staying ahead of your engagement opportunities as a part of your social monitoring approach.

7. Spammers will be put into the naughty corner spammers in naughty box for for changes to Linkedin groups

From now onwards anyone who is perceived to be spamming the group will be relegated to a penalty box, or indeed booted out of the group altogether.

This privilege of acting against spammers not only extends to the group manager but to all the other group members as well.

Yes that’s right, any group member will now have the power to report or remove conversations that they believe don’t meet the guidelines of LinkedIn, and can even block the person who makes these comments.

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5 Things About LinkedIn I Wish I’d Known A Long Time Ago

By Shawn Doyle


We have all had the conversation. When Linkedin is mentioned, many business people get “that look” and sigh. They just don’t get LinkedIn and are weary of getting invited to link to people they don’t know.

They just find LinkedIn irritating, or just irrelevant.

Guess what? There is a lot about LinkedIn I wish I would have known a long time ago. I didn’t understand that LinkedIn can be a tremendous networking and marketing tool.

It can be a great sales tool- if you know some of the inside tricks many people don’t know about. Yes, you can get business being on LinkedIn. Here are five things about LinkedIn I wish I’d known a long time ago:

1. You can start your own group.

On LinkedIn you can create your own special interest group. It is easy and only requires a few easy steps and then voila! You are the proud owner of your own group.

Imagine if you will, having a group of people that are all your potential customers. Some groups on Linkedin have as many as 500,000 members! You also can control who joins.

Here is an inside secret- if you start a group, you can send a message to everyone in the group once a week by pushing one button. That message goes to their email and to the group discussion.

Here is a confession- as proof of concept, I started a group on motivation and I have almost 15,000 members.

2. You can look at who has viewed your profile.

Many people don’t realize that LinkedIn provides great data about who has viewed your profile. You can find out who viewed your profile, and look at and compare how many people viewed your profile compared to the week before.

LinkedIn also provides data on how your profile ranks compared with other professionals like you, and gives you advice on how to improve it.

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