5 LinkedIn Tips You Should Be Using (but Probably Aren’t)

By Kayla Matthews

A quality LinkedIn profile can be a gateway for prospective employers and collaborators, but with over 467 million members, LinkedIn is not the easiest place to stand out.

Even a complete profile with a well-composed list of accomplishments, a professional headshot and numerous recommendations can be improved upon.

There are a number of ways to creatively improve your LinkedIn profile, with five notable tips being:

1. Create a Public Profile Badge

Searching for profiles on LinkedIn can be a difficult pursuit due to the sheer number of them. Take into account similar names and fields of occupation, and it could be an endless pursuit. As a result, one of the most important tips for improving your LinkedIn profile’s reach is to promote it beyond LinkedIn itself.

An easy, effective way to do this is to create a LinkedIn public profile badge. Accessing this page while logged into LinkedIn will result in a variety of button sizes and accompanying HTML codes.

These can be easily inserted on any website or blog so visitors can more easily find your LinkedIn page. A public profile page is the best way to improve your LinkedIn profile’s reach if you run a blog or website.

2. Leverage Plugins

Plugins on LinkedIn often go overlooked. LinkedIn provides the option for members to incorporate LinkedIn functionality into their own website. The page generates customized JavaScript code for a variety of features, ranging from showing your number of followers to a list of new job listings. They all share the benefit of connecting visitors with you or your business’ LinkedIn presence.

The “Follow” plugin is especially useful for sites, as it provides visitors the ability to add you on LinkedIn with a single click. You can customize this and other plugins by language and vertical/horizontal settings.

For businesses, the “Company Profile” plugin provides a quick and reliable summary of the business’s size and origin story. As a conveniently sized widget, it’s a quick and immersive tool to acquaint new readers with the business at hand.

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