The 10 Most Obnoxious Things People Do On LinkedIn

Liz Ryan

LinkedIn is a┬ájob-seeker’s best friend and a fantastic tool for the rest of us, too!

LinkedIn is an incredible resource, and not just for researching companies and people, making and strengthening connections and keeping up with business trends. LinkedIn is also a free business billboard for you and your company — and a wonderful platform on which to grow your thought leadership flame.

However, it is easy to be a rude LinkedIn user even by accident. Here are the 10 most obnoxious things people do on LinkedIn. Make sure you’re not doing these things, yourself!

2. They send you a connection invitation for one reason — so they can see and send connection invitations to your contacts!

8. They connect with you to get your email address, and soon your inbox is flooded with spam.

10. They hit you up to join their get-rich-quick scheme and tell your friends to join it, too!

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