6 of the Most Powerful LinkedIn Stats for Sales Professionals

As a social seller, you know you can turn that data into action. With over 414 million members, LinkedIn enjoys access to fantastic data on professionals all over the world.

We’ve collected some of our latest and greatest stats on how B2B buyers and sellers are faring. Take a look at what we’ve learned about what is (and isn’t) working for B2B selling today.

3. Offer New Insights

The Stat: Especially on larger deals, B2B buyers expect sales professionals to offer new or different insights. We found that74% of buyers making a large purchase have such an expectation, while 62% making a smaller purchase do. Additionally, buyers want the insight to be tailored to their roles, challenges, verticals and overall circumstances.

Take Action: Do your homework. Take a look at your prospects’ personal challenges. It can also be extremely useful to look closely at their competitors and make recommendations or share content tailored to the prospect’s circumstances.

4. Lead with Ideas

The Stat: 92% of B2B buyers engage with sales professionals who are known as industry thought-leaders.

Take Action: Build your reputation and your influence by joining groups, sharing content, answering questions, and making insightful contributions that go beyond self-promotion and cheesy sales tactics.

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